KotomiPatch - CLANNAD Steam Patch - by Zipplet/Kotomi
Coming soon - in 2024!

Kotomi Ichinose CLANNAD

June 2024 update:

I need to push back the ETA for my project (KotomiPatch) a bit as I have joined another fan translation project, as the tools I am building are applicable to both projects. I strongly believe in improving the accessibility of visual novels to audiences outside of Japan, so I feel it is important for me to also share my time with other projects.

I am also now a member of Eien - https://eien.nl/
Eien is a community-driven collaboration committed to archiving and enhancing the accessibility of visual novels and related works. Whilst you are waiting for KotomiPatch, please check out our upcoming work over at Eien.

See you again soon ~ Zipplet/Kotomi